donderdag 03 september 2020

Video: From purpose to passion

What is purpose without passion? What is passion without purpose? In this enthralling talk, Susanna Newsonen discusses how to make the connection as well as a bit about her personal journey. (bron: TEDxSquareMile)

Over Susanna (Halonen) Newsonen
Susanna Halonen, better known as the Happyologist, is a coach, trainer and speaker who helps individuals, teams and organisations to find their best performance through happiness. She is a positive psychology practitioner whose work is based on the science of happiness and performance. Her research has focused on passion at work and in life, and she has personally taken many passion journeys herself while juggling a career alongside her love for horses. She was the first to research passion using qualitative research methods and her findings brought forward an interesting link between purpose and passion. With a background in a corporate career, she has first-hand experience of how different organisations function and the important role passion plays in them. Her blog at has a loyal, engaged following, and she is also a featured expert with her own blog pages at Psychology Today, Psychologies magazine and Huffington Post online.

She is the author of Happiness is Here: A 30-Day Guide to Joy and Fulfilment and Screw Finding Your Passion: It’s Within You, Let’s Unlock It.

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Emily - 10 september 2020

Op zich een leuk verhaal om naar te luisteren, niet nieuw of vernieuwend, maar een goeie reminder. Echter, ze ondermijnt het effect van haar eigen woorden omdat ze iets heel anders uitstraalt: vermoeidheid, verveeldheid, futloos, uitdrukkingsloos gezicht ( als happyologist (glim)lacht ze niet één keer!) Jammer van de positieve boodschap!

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